PPROA – What’s In It For You

Panhandle Producers & Royalty Owners Association, founded in 1929, is an oil and gas association but, What’s in it for you?  What benefit do we serve?

Our primary purpose is to lobby and represent membership before political parties, state and federal agencies, to develop policy and position papers, and to act as your voice with regard to proposed legislation that impacts our industry.

PPROA is a non-profit industry association, governed by bylaws and directed by officers who are also members, to provide public relations, education, political donations, lobbying and publishing; however, our focus is collaboration between member companies.

What does your membership provide?

  • Lobbyist in Austin
  • Representation before local, state and federal agencies
  • Policy, position papers, legislation
  • Conferences
  • Networking
  • Representation before civic and service organizations, media & schools
  • Disbursement of industry information to members
  • Educational meetings, classes, materials and training
  • Governmental Affairs Committee
  • Newsletter – The Pipeline
  • A deeper connection to other peer industry groups while maintaining your personal connection with PPROA

Our main goal is to attempt to influence public policy in a direction favorable to our members’ needs through contributions to the campaigns of political candidates and parties through Political Action Committees (PACs); contributions to “issue” campaigns not tied to a candidate or party; and lobbying legislators to support or oppose particular legislation and to attempt to influence the activities of regulatory bodies.  Any PAC contributions are disclosed to the Federal Election Commission or state and local election committees and are considered public information.

PPROA provides critical information through:

  • Association website. The association’s corporate website conveys the association’s aims and objectives, promotes products and services, explains the benefits of membership to prospective members, and provides online member businesses listing.
  • Members newsletter – The Pipeline contains industry news, editorials, and association events.  The Pipeline is distributed to members via email and is used to promote members’ businesses to potential new customers through advertising and guest columns.
  • Membership directory.  The bi-annual directory promotes member businesses to a wide audience, member profiles, provides a products and services guide, advertising and editorials.