The Panhandle Producers & Royalty Owners Association has been a steady advocate for the rights of independent petroleum producers, support companies and royalty owners in the Texas Panhandle, western Oklahoma and southwestern Kansas.

PPROA’s membership includes professional men and women who take the risks and reap rewards in the search for crude oil and natural gas. Companies and individuals who support producers at all stages of the process from exploration and completion to moving products to market are also valuable members of the Association.  PPROA’s annual convention is an opportunity for men and women from all aspects of the oil and gas business to learn more about the industry.

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The only organization of its kind in the tri-state area which also represents royalty owners. Balancing the interests of mineral owners with other parts of the industry helps assure that every member of this historic partnership is well represented in every way.In a word: representation.  Our staff and volunteers devote hundreds of hours a year to telling the PPROA story in our service area, in state capitols and in Washington.


PPROA PIPELINE – Membership includes ten issues a year of the PPROA , one of the top regional newsletters in the industry.  Advertising space is available at very reasonable rates.  A color version is published on the Association web site. (click the image for the current issue)

PANHANDLE PETROLEUM DIRECTORY – Every other year, the Association publishes the Panhandle Petroleum Directory, the concise guide to who’s who in the oil and gas industry in an area larger than Ohio.  Service businesses take advantage of advertising space here, too. is updated daily with the latest oil and gas price quotes.  It is also a gateway to the Internet with extensive links to other organizations, federal and state regulators and technical assistance sites.  E-mail alerts are sent frequently to inform members of  breaking news about  the industry.