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What is PPROA?

Panhandle Producers & Royalty Owners is a 92-year-old oil and gas association but, What’s in it for you?  What benefit do we serve?

Our primary purpose is to lobby and represent membership before political parties, state and federal agencies, to develop policy and position papers, and to act as your voice with regard to proposed legislation that impacts our industry.

PPROA was originally founded in 1929 as a non-profit industry association, governed by bylaws and directed by officers who are also members, to provide public relations, education, political donations, lobbying and publishing; however, our focus is collaboration between member companies.


Association advocacy is both proactive and responsive and includes:

Lobbyist in Austin

Representation before local, state and federal agencies

Policy, position papers, legislation

Educational meetings, classes and materials

Governmental Affairs Committee

Newsletter – The Pipeline

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What Our Current Members Are Saying

Randy J. O’Neal H&L Exploration Company, LLC

PPROA and its leadership have worked tirelessly for royalty owners, operators, service companies, and the community to provide information on energy policy and lobbying for the oil and gas industry. PPROA is the first source for information on energy legislation and policy as well as RRC rule making.
Judy and her staff work tirelessly to influence the RRC on weatherization and critical infrastructure as well facilitating much needed discussion on gas contracts and energy policy. PPROA is the voice of the industry in the Panhandle of Texas.

Tyler Rufenacht Questa Energy Corporation

My family has been a producer/operator in the Texas Panhandle for 40 years and have been members of PPROA ever since. There is no other organization that works tirelessly for the benefit of the Texas Panhandle oil and gas industry like PPROA. Whether you are an operator, royalty owner, or service company I believe PPROA provides an invaluable service that will help your company navigate RRC rules, legislation, contract issues, and much more. Judy and her team work nonstop to make sure our members have the most up to date information on all the issues impacting our area and to make sure our voice is heard in Austin. An absolute must to join if you want to stay informed.

Cooper Sanders Quest Drilling

As a service provider, PPROA has been a great avenue to build and establish lasting relationships with industry peers and operators. Advocating for the Panhandle and keeping us aware of all the challenges our industry faces has been one of the many benefits our membership has provided.

Cade Carter, Operations Manager J-Brex Company, Amarillo, Tx

In a time where the future vitality of the US O&G industry seems very much in doubt due to political headwinds and constant assault via unnecessary regulations, there is no more important professional association to belong to than one who is actively lobbying on behalf of the industry and the companies that make it up. Within that subset of professional associations, PPROA is really unique because they truly have kept the best interests of the small private operators at the core of what they’re doing, even as the larger organizations have largely abandoned them. I am extremely thankful for the work that they have done and are continuing to do on our behalf, they will become only more invaluable in my opinion.

Colby Oates V. P. John Oates Company

The PPROA was instrumental in navigating the CIX/CID filing system. It was a blessing to have someone with the correct information to lean on while deciphering what the state needed.

Lee Porter, President LeJan, Inc.

PPROA is my go-to source of information for all things relating to the oil and gas industry and how that information impacts our company.
When working with the Texas Railroad Commission in Austin, it is not always possible to talk with someone that has actual field experience. Consequently, their understanding of my problem may be limited. I can always depend on PPROA to have the experience and knowledge necessary to help. I especially appreciate the help I received in trying to comply with the Critical Infrastructure mess and the efforts of PPROA to solidify the limits requiring reporting.

John Kuhn Royalty Owner

Judy, I wanted to thank you profusely for putting me in touch with an oil & gas attorney who is well versed in assisting royalty owner issues. After visiting with you, he is the perfect match with my background and mental makeup. Again, thank you so much, I really owe you big time.
Texas desperately needs a Royalty Owners Protection Statute! The only recourse for the royalty owner, regarding an operator’s bad and illegal conduct, is for the royalty owner to sue, which you know can get horribly expensive.
I would be happy to work with you and Panhandle Producers & Royalty Owners Association on drafting something to protect exposed royalty owners.


Judy Stark (PPROA) made me aware of the CID ruling from the onset. She was instrumental in bringing awareness industry wide of the restraints being placed on the independent producers. Judy represents the Panhandle Producers routinely and we are her number one priority. Her working knowledge of our industry is beneficial to all of us because she understands us. She broke down every part of the written regulation for the producers, mid-streamers, and the purchasers. She rallied amongst the industry leaders and opened the lines of communications. She asked the questions and shared the answers. She helped me understand the broadness of the regulation. She listened when we needed help and separation from the ruling and voiced our concerns. She testified on our behalf in Austin and spent numerous hours making them listen to us through her voice and actions. Judy was a PITBULL, ripping the rule apart, then clenched down on it and never gave up. Her success was of GREAT benefit to those she represented. MANY THANKS!!

James McCown Energon Oil, Inc.

I’ve been a member of PPROA for approximately 40 years. The ways the Assn has helped me (especially last 10 years or so) are more than I will be able to mention. Whether it was dealing with the latest regulation from RRC, EPA, Fish and Wildlife or other agencies PPROA was always there to help me with information and contacts. Sometimes it would be as simple as finding the name or address of someone not in the directory. And of course the conventions always provided quality speakers.


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