Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities Pipeline

The PPROA Pipeline has presented news and information about the Texas Panhandle independent oil and gas industry for more than a quarter century. Each issue includes current industry news from local, state and national perspectives. Regular columns cover legal issues, the market and financial news.

Pipeline is sent to over 700 addresses, including Association members, news media, services companies and elected officials throughout the tri-state area. It is the ideal forum for explaining oil and gas related services and products to decision makers in the independent petroleum industry.

Readers are decision makers and chief executives in the exploration, production, support and mineral management segments of the oil and gas industry. Each issue is read by three or more before being discarded or filed.


Other PPROA Services

The PPROA Web Site provides daily commodity quotes, a digest of the Pipeline, and links to other industry sites. Many members and non-members visit the site daily. The site includes oil and gas prices from the Texas Panhandle, southwestern Kansas and the Henry Hub updated each evening, Sunday through Thursday.

Annual Meeting

Every May, producers, support company employees and royalty owners gather for a three-day intensive convention which brings them up to date on the industry. General and event sponsorships and exhibit opportunities are available.

Panhandle Petroleum Directory

A comprehensive directory listing every decision maker in the independent oil and gas industry in the Panhandle service area. It is produced every other year and includes an extensive advertising section.

Living Legend

Recognition of a PPROA member who has made significant contributions to the industry and to his or her community; presented every four years. General sponsorships are available.